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Innovative Healthcare

At McCain Whole Health Care, we are excited to offer you an innovative model of primary care that provides expanded personalized services, simplifies how you receive care, and optimizes our partnership for your best health.

I am NOT just A doctor, but YOUR doctor.

As the healthcare system more strictly defines when, where, and how we interact, I want to protect our relationship. This means protecting the time we have together.

Giving You Time ...

  • to discuss your questions

  • to evaluate lifestyle changes, complementary and/or traditional therapies

  • to explore the root cause of issues

  • to discuss the relationships with those you love, including yourself


In short, less time waiting FOR me, and more time WITH me, when you need it.

Benefits include:

  • No co-pays or deductibles

  • Direct availability to me via cell, text, and email – for your peace of mind and possibly eliminating the need for an in-office appointment

  • You’ll always see me, your personal doctor

  • Personalized whole health opportunities

  • Group integrative programs

  • Guidance & care coordination in the event you need specialty referrals or hospital stays

  • Home or on-site work visits when appropriate

  • Reduced likelihood of urgent care, emergency department visits and hospitalization

3 Ways to Join Our Practice


Currently unavailable

Not accepting new patients


Please email us at

Over the Phone

We are happy to answer questions

Tel: : 540-416-9656

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