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Green Hills - McCain Whole Health Care - Direct Primary Care

Muse & Diffuse

Muse & Diffuse - McCain Whole Health Care - Direct Primary Care

Are you interested holistic therapies? We can diffuse essential oils and, using the Duke Integrative Wheel of Health, explore the spectrum of integrative practices and connect you with local practitioners.


  • As we reclaim our True Self, what we offer back to the world changes, and what we may need to receive from the world shifts.

  • “Disease,” with a specific diagnosis and treatment, expands to dis-ease, inviting us to explore imbalance.

  • Medical treatment when appropriate is the right approach.

  • Beyond that, when no obvious evidence of disease is present, or when usual treatment doesn’t bring full health, how might we explore the root cause of dis-ease to restore balance?


We build upon knowledge (information & skills acquired through experience or education) and seek wisdom (the ability to discern what is true, right, or lasting). In medicine, this means knowing guidelines and applying clinical judgment to create a treatment plan for a particular patient, in a particular situation, for a particular diagnosis.

However, the ultimate expert in the healing journey is not just a patient with a disease, it is a whole person in the full complexity of her/his life. Therefore, we can be expansive and include both conventional medicine and complementary therapies when restoring health.

Moses “burned a sweet smelling oblation to the LORD.”  Leviticus 8: Ceremony of Ordination

Muse & Diffuse - McCain Whole Health Care - Direct Primary Care

Let’s explore the “both/and” of available therapies to support your whole health and wellbeing.

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