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Green Hills - McCain Whole Health Care - Direct Primary Care

Stay & Pray

Stay&Pray - McCain Whole Health Care - Direct Primary Care

Whole health includes mind, body, and spirit. What are we called to? What is our life’s purpose? Through coaching, we begin an exploration of the spirit to discern your authentic self.


It matters who we’re Being (discerning) while we’re Doing (decision-making). We need to both rest and act. When we are constantly “Doing” we can tailspin into fear, because the “to do” lists never end and ultimately deplete us. Yet when we hold space for “Being” we can rest into Love, which continuously creates and fills us with life. It is in Being that moments are experienced as both eternal and ephemeral – the glory of a brilliant sunrise, the feel of a tender breeze against your skin, the crack of the bat against a ball that sails over a fence for a home run, or the feeling of contentment after a full day’s work in the deep breath just before you sit down to rest. It is in the Being that we connect with our spirit, our authentic Self.

“As discerning people, we sift through our impulses, motives, and options to discover which ones lead us closer to divine love and compassion for ourselves and other people and which ones lead us further away…Discernment reveals new priorities, directions, and gifts … We come to realize that what previously seemed so important for our lives loses its power over us. Our desire to be successful, well liked and influential becomes increasingly less important as we move closer to God’s heart. To our surprise, we even may experience a strange inner freedom to follow a new call or direction as previous concerns move into the background of our consciousness. “ – Richard Rohr


When we connect with Divine Love, then our lives are filled with superabundance rather than scarcity.

Psalm 23:1,2,5,6 “ The LORD is my shepherd; there is nothing I lack. In green pastures you let me graze; to safe waters you lead me; you restore my strength … You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Only goodness and love will pursue me all the days of my life.”

Stay&Pray - McCain Whole Health Care - Direct Primary Care

Let’s rest into Being together, and hold space for your spirit to speak its invitation to freedom.

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