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Meet & Greet

cup - Meet & Greet - McCain Whole Health Care - Direct Primary Care

Sometimes a sit down, talk it out session is all you need. No worries about white coat hypertension! Vitals signs here focus on your vitality, not your numbers.

It’s the powerful difference between shifting a statement from “I can’t” when we’re afraid, to the question of “What if?” when we’re hopeful.


Fear limits us and makes our lives small. Hope brings the light of possibility and expands our capacity.

“You cannot change one moment of your past, but you can change your whole future. Now is your time.”

– Matthew Kelly


Worry and fear are powerful emotions, and when we hold tight to them, they can overwhelm us.

Psalm 55 “I rock with grief, I groan at the uproar of the enemy, the clamor of the wicked. They heap trouble upon me. My heart pounds within me, death’s terrors fall upon me. Fear and trembling overwhelm me; shuddering sweeps over me.”

And yet, when we look beyond our fears into the face of Divine Love, or Source Energy that gives us life, different words can emerge –

Psalm 56 “My foes turn back when I call on you. This I know: God is on my side. God, I praise your promise, in you I trust, I do not fear. What can mere mortals do to me?”

cup - Meet & Greet - McCain Whole Health Care - Direct Primary Care

Let’s chose to reframe fear and worry together, and move forward in hope.

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