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Information Overload

We are flooded with information. So much of life tells us what to do and how to do it. Yet the same information is filtered through personal perspectives resulting from different lived experiences.

One size doesn’t fit all.

So contemplation (sabbath time) is critical, crucial, and non-negotiable in the journey of the awakening heart.

Rules don’t change hearts. Only Love has that power.

Only Love.

And you have to sit with Love, and savor Love… in order to trust enough to surrender fully to Love.

For people of faith- deep, authentic, transformed faith- there are rarely perfect words to bear witness to the experience of living in the presence of Love.

While radicalized politics create polarization, radical faith reveals the hidden wholeness present in every moment.

There’s no pat answer to a reality perceived through the eyes of Love, because Love sees all the layers and recognizes the mystical body that connects every single person … the mystical body that transcends and includes time and space until what’s left is timelessness and spaciousness and One-ness.

For every loud voice proclaiming certitude, there are a multitude living out the very personal journey of uncertainty, bearing witness to the ever-surprising discovery of God-who-is-Love-in-relationship.

So why give in to despair?

Do the Work that is yours to do.

Stay faithful to your journey and to your awakened heart.

And you’ll participate in the greatest love story ever told.

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