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Dear God, my hunger for You is voracious. I consumed four romance novels in 2 days, my heart yearning for those passionate love stories of brooding, powerful dukes who free-fall into love with bookish, potent damsels. Then I consumed another four books about GeneKeys over another 2 days, my mind racing to learn about the Golden Path, which confirmed my vocation to write, and play, and unleash a tidal wave of Liberation through the creative action of embracing grace. And thus (Enneagram language here), my lusty 8 wing continues to fuel the fire to move me out of my 9 dream state.

Connecting the dots looking back, the path written for me from birth has been written on my heart, planted as a seed in my vocation verse (Matthew 10:8), and watered by all the words written and spoken across time and space that set my heart ablaze.

In the cauldron of my human heart, it’s Your refiner’s fire that allows purification without destruction. Because in the midst of Your fire is sacred solitude, safe space, and sabbath.

And for those participating in life with me… ah, we change the world as we live into the fullness of who we are, transformed.

Will I embrace grace in order to fulfill the sacred dream, revel in the unending dance, ecstatic in my aliveness?

Will I participate in the Trinitarian Flow? The Word (God, formless) was made flesh (Jesus, formed), and dwelt among us (Spirit, relationship). Will I embrace the grace that invites me into this Divine Dance?

Does it truly matter- the how or why? In the end, being able to clearly see what IS becomes the answer. Seeing with Your eyes, Lord, the pure, precious possibility in each incarnated soul bearing witness to the agony and ecstasy of life.

I don’t see-saw between “happy-sad.” Rather, I fly through the infinite space of agony and ecstasy. My physical body is tied to this particular time and space, but my heart is expanding, and my soul… dear God, there is a liberation of my soul traveling through time and space as my life interweaves with fellow travelers on this journey!

It feeds my voracious appetite for You, and fuels the desire for the superabundance I taste with each expanded experience of You.

I envision a day where I can distill all the ideas with simple clarity into 20 minutes or less. Where there’s neither this written, nor verbal, deluge.

Where instead, there is, simply, Love.

Love so fully incarnated in me, no words are necessary.

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