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Making Sense

Lord, I know that without You, none of this makes sense, so I’m grateful for the certainty of You.

You who are Love-in-Relationship… however that looks in the day-to-day of the particularities of our lives.

Love that looks like joy or sorrow, but that somehow is Love when we bring it to You for redemption.

Always, all of it, laid at Your feet when it doesn’t make sense, or when the burden is heavy, or when control makes all of it fall apart even more.

Always, all of it, laid at your feet when the hidden wholeness is revealed, or when the burden is lifted, or when surrender allows for a greater surrender.

Of course, it doesn’t make sense if there’s not faith in something greater- some overarching order than can encompass both the known order and the witnessed disorder, and holds it with meaning that offers a reason to persevere in the midst of the chaos.

Still, it’s not a simply laying of all of it at your feet –

it’s the release to You of the need for certainty,

and it’s the receiving of Your Spirit to guide us in discerning the next step necessary.

It’s that passionate love affair with You that regards the rules with a transformed heart and in every encounter, shows us the path of unconditional Love.

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