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Physician, Heal Yourself

Physician, Heal Yourself

I know what’s on your mind. I know the press and stress that haunts you when you wake with dread and collapse with exhaustion into a restless sleep. I know inside you’re aching for escape, that you want to give it all up. And maybe you’re biding your time, making plans already.

It’s never enough, is it?

You can’t see enough people.

You can’t do enough work.

You can’t care enough.

You can’t be enough to everyone who needs you.

Your words fall on deaf ears.

Your orders may or may not be followed.

At day’s end, what else is there to give?

Oh, and let me not forget- will you show some compassion to your patients?

Oh I know, Physician.

It’s never enough.

You can be an expert,

You can complete all your work,

You can see everyone.

But it will never be enough.

The need has always been great, but now in the midst of systems gone awry and fear filtering through every thought,

What you give right now will never be enough.

Because you’re giving out of your pain. 

You’re giving out of your suffering.

And all that does is feed the pain.

All that does is fuel the suffering.


If you want to run and hide,

If you want to avoid or numb,

If you want to lash out,

If you want to give it all up and start anew…

Please let me share this with you before you go.

I’ve been waiting for you,

creating something,

holding space for you,

For when you’re ready.

If you desire it.

In a system that tells you that you’re powerless; remember, you have power.

You earned your authority through every sacrifice of time given to patients, at the cost of relationships that took a backseat in your life so you could heal patients and strengthen their relationships.

In a system that tells you that you have no control; remember, you have self-control.

You’ve lived that control over years of education and training, and hours of work completed after patient care is complete.

In a system that tells you that you have no compassion; remember, you have love.

And it may be hard to believe or trust in this part- but you have Love.

And the Love isn’t only for you to give others and for others to take at your cost.

You, too, are Beloved.

I promise, this – You, too, are Beloved.

Physician, there’s another way, and I’ve paved a path for you.

A path where you remember who you are as a healer.

A path where you can offer your very special gifts.

A path where the healing goes both ways and renews itself.

Why did you become a physician?

What drove your mind, and heart, and body to do the work to reach this goal?

You were not given a spirit of cowardice, Physician.

You were given a spirit of power, and love, and self-control.

Come walk with me, Physician.

Come walk the path of Love, which shifts the current paradigm of power and self-control into a radical new existence where high service and surrender heals you.

Physician, Heal Yourself.

You are Beloved.

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