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Power. Love. Self-Control

Power. Love. Self-control.

It’s a hard-won war, a series of battles where the victory is in the surrender to You.

You’re not always obvious, though, because finding You means the destruction and creation of a new heart… and that’s not created in or or two choices… it’s created in a radical upending of my internal and external compasses. It’s found in a clarity of vision that understands a unitive consciousness rather than a piecemeal parsing into palatable bits.

Love, true Love, comes in many forms, from all directions.

Love, true Love, is free and unconditional.

Love, true Love, is received and given without cost.

But freedom is a tricky thing when you’ve never been free. Liberation feels like an endless trap of lies and dead ends and death.

But trusting in You means trusting in Your Love and my Belovedness.

And in the unraveling of what imprisonment and freedom really means…asking, “Where is Love in this?”

  • Is the only question that gives me courage to move forward in those experiences that are inevitable, yet indescribably dark and scary

  • Is the only question that allows me the strength to sit with an experience as it unfolds to reveal its layered nuances of answers

So it’s not a matter of doubting in Love.

It’s a matter of finding where Love is and allowing its revelation and freedom in the midst of circumstances in which Love seems impossible.

Because all things are possible in You.

And when You are in me, I AM Love working to make the impossible, possible.

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