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Authentic Relationship

Authentic, loving relationship. If my desire is for my True Self to meet and connect with the True Self of Other, then wouldn’t that require the exploration and experience of all the light and shadow within me as I uncover my True Self and accompany others on their journeys? And wouldn’t that result in a multiplicity of experiences, and wouldn’t that be exhausting and exhilarating… and wouldn’t that necessitate contemplative silence to integrate the manifold experiences of integration, dis-integration, and re-integration?

Yes, yes of course it would. And there’s a difference between quiet, hidden unfolding, and secrecy. The world judges, labels, and puts boxes around things… but that doesn’t work when a mysterious, eternal, and limitless God is revealing God’s Self. No, indeed, the True, the Good, and the Beautiful in all their Ultimate Reality are known by the limits of reason AND an un-boundaried, open, and discerning heart.

And again, I feel it, the affirmation that as I’m Be-ing, the Do-ing will take care of itself. In my space of Being my True Self, everything that needs to be with me at any given moment, will. It’s that simple. If all are One (and we are), and I am connected with who I truly am, and can give voice to my deepest needs with clarity, then my message will reverberate through the network of connection and community I have in the language of the ephemeral Eternal, and my needs will be answered.

And the language isn’t simply of voice, or held contained by words… it’s the language of IS-ness, of Be-ing.

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