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Daniel 2:22

Daniel 2:22 He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him.

Freedom can be troublesome. Freedom from one master could tempt you into captivity with a different one. I released the conventional healthcare system to create my whole health practice, but what does that really mean?

The past week, I’ve worked longer hours away from home than I had in a long time. And as I lived the hours away, I wondered – had I made the wrong decision?

Wasn’t freedom supposed to be more time at home? Wasn’t freedom supposed to be more time to meditate and write?Wasn’t freedom supposed to be more time relaxing?

Was I living in darkness and a new captivity, rather than true freedom?

I leaned into these questions as I journeyed through this week, and things were jumbled and uncertain.

But clarity has come, and what I found is that darkness wasn’t the time away from family, or the medical system, or even the lack of relaxation time.

I learned that the darkness was giving in to the false constraints of time. Darkness was when someone took my time from me and doled it out according to what they felt was right. Freedom is in my personal gift of time – however much I joyfully choose to offer the person I am with.

This week, I allowed myself to sit and savor every moment with every person in front of me.

And the relationships I have always treasured with patients, which kept me from giving up on medicine, became even more treasured relationships. By intentionally creating the opportunity to fully sit and savor time with others, AND by allowing the time to integrate the conversation within myself afterwards, something deep and hidden was revealed by His light:I am in love with medicine again.

This medicine is in the line of the Master Physician – soul medicine that Loves the Other, and heals the Healer.

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