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Dear Friends & Family

We will soon celebrate the 1 year anniversary of McCain Whole Health Care. This has been an incredible year, participating in a Divine Dance of Desire & Delight.

This dance began with my Desire to establish a practice offering fierce high service to members, and led to feeling all the feels of  the agony & ecstasy of creation.  This dance also included savoring the Delight of transformative relationships in safe spaces.

When I opened this practice, I knew 2 things:

  1. Authentic relationship lies at the heart of Family Medicine,  and

  2. Relationship takes time.  

The third thing I knew, but kept quiet, is that Love changes everything. It’s something we all know, but feel reticent to say aloud too often. Sometimes speaking it makes it seem less sincere, perhaps more superficial.

And maybe, maybe, in a space that isn’t safe, and intimate, and healing, that could be true.

But in this past year, in the space that has been co-created with individuals who have opened themselves to deep relationship, to being vulnerable, and to walking their walks with rigorous honesty, I have found that there is no other word to speak except Love. Love multiples, overflows, and pours out into the space without effort. It cannot be contained. 

The beauty of the co-creation is that it is more than my offering, or the offering of the person in front of me. The synergistic co-creation that has emerged resulted from everyone who has walked through our doors. The diversity of experiences, knowledge, and wisdom that enter the space in shared conversation have made me acutely aware that McCain Whole Health Care is more than me, and Randi, and our members, and our interns. McCain Whole Health Care includes all the people we love, and the wide expanse of communities we serve.  

Therefore, as I reflect upon the lessons of this past year,  and consider the coming one, I am reassessing the vision for McCain Whole Health Care.

At the practice level, the growth that is critical is an intentional expansion of SPACE. Space in which members are able to Contemplate, Co-create, and Connect within a safe community.

It is time of Renewal. What does this mean?

It’s time to return to basics. As Dr. Dean Ornish says: Eat well. Move more. Stress less. Love more.

But how do we do this? I had created the potential for people to come in twice a month, and while some have used this, not everyone has. And I had created multiple ways for individuals to meet with me, which also have been used by some, but not by as many as would be best served by it.

Time is our most precious commodity, so how do we use our time? And how do we offer our time? 

In the midst of chaos and too many competing external voices, the gift of MWHC is time- Kairos time, sacred time, in which to hear and be heard.

I want to ensure that this gift is both offered and received on a consistent basis for all of us in this practice. 

Appointments are great… and yet, it’s in the “in-between times” in which changes are made sustainable. 

It’s in the in-between times that a decision to make a change finds meaning in the everyday doings. We all know that sustainable change requires tapping into our deepest motivations. This means having clarity about who we ARE, and continuously asking, “Who am I BEING, as I am BECOMING?”

For example, at a personal level, I am a heart-centered leader whose core value offer is Fierce High Service. I am an Enneagram 9w8, whose love language is Words of Affirmation, and whose life purpose number is 37/10, working through issues of creativity while learning to trust my inner gifts  to create more harmony in the world. And, my Word of the Year is Embrace.

It took me 5 years of coaching, graduate work, daily morning practice, and living into the question to now be at peace with those 3 sentences. Because in them, I have the touchstones to ensure that I am creating a life rather than submitting to one.

And in the daily choices I make, I also ask the questions… 

Does this choice honor the full immensity of who I am?Does this choice bring me freedom and joy?Does this choice bring me into deep, authentic relationship with myself and others? 

Does this choice bring me fully alive?

The work of radical, personal transformation, of living into the full freedom we have been gifted, is no easy task. We can’t do it alone. It’s too hard. 

We can’t do it alone, and WE AREN’T MEANT TO.

McCain Whole Health Care is here to offer a safe and sacred community in which to ask questions, explore answers, and walk the walk together on our individual journeys towards health and wholeness.

McCain Whole Health Care is committed to offering the radical: 

  • Contemplative time in order to be radically conformed to Love.

  • Co-creative space in which to radically release what no longer serves.

  • Connections with one another so we can be radically renewed.

New things are on the horizon. We can’t wait to share them with you!

Peace, health, & wholeness,


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