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I will come to you in the silenceI will lift you from all your fearYou will hear My voiceI claim you as My choiceBe still, and know I am near.-excerpt from “You are Mine,” by David Haas

In a world so loud, it screams at every turn – you are lacking, you need more …

We are called.

We are invited into the quiet and stillness, to a deep, settled place that is so expansive it can hold the paradox and uncertainty of our lives gently and tenderly.

The world’s voice is so loud, it drowns out the voice that comes in silence.

The silence, which is an embrace.The silence, both wonderful and dreadful.

Similar, perhaps, to the deep waters of the ocean that cradle and engulf.

Deep waters that seem impenetrable, and yet are teeming with life.

The silence is an embrace, and from the embrace, a voice emerges.

A voice that lifts us, claims us.

A voice that, when we whisper our assent, strengthens us to move mountains.

From the embrace, the voice emerges and then … Life!

Life breathed into us, Life flowing through us.

And with each inhalation and exhalation, comes a call and an invitation to respond.

Receive Life. Give Life.

Receive Love. Give Love.

Over and over, consolations wash over us like waves within the deep waters of our soul to nourish our Spirit.

I come to You.

I lift You.

I speak to You.

I choose You.

I am here.

You are Mine.

Be still.




You are My Beloved.

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