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Word Of The Year (WOTY)

2020 Word of the Year: “Transform”, a reflection on Epiphany Sunday

I can’t deny that all the good stuff happens through You. And I can’t cling to my understanding of what is Good, even when all the Good I’ve known has ben really, really Good. I’m not making room for all the other Good You have in store. And, what’s the use of a word like “Transform” if EVERYTHING doesn’t change?

Words… the words we speak, we claim, we BECOME, are POWER. The Word made Flesh in Jesus being the Ultimate Word- “God saves”… and the Ultimate Power “God”.

Lord, I don’t see what others see in me. Is that humility? Is that false humility? Is that denial or avoidance?

How many tears must be shed? How many people have to express that I’ve made a difference? If even ONE came back to You- FULLY, TRULY TRANSFORMED, then isn’t that my life made Light?

I can’t save everyone. I can’t even save myself.

YOU Save.

I can only illuminate the path I know… and pray that those also seeking will find comfort and safety in the light I bear.

I simply have to shine ALL the light I have to offer. That’s what You ask… to let my light shine. Brilliantly. Radiantly. Fully.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how others see me.

It matters how You see me.

It matters how I receive Your vision of who I am and who I’m meant to become.

Will I see as You see?

Will I be transformed by Your vision?

Will I answer Your call?

Will I rest in You, and let You love me so that I can TRANSFORM?

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